Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement in Cerritos, CA

Are you outgrowing your home’s electric panel? Have you been having problems with inconsistent power? My Cerritos Electrician Hero can help. A broken or outdated breaker box can make it hard to use the technology in your home and can even pose a fire hazard. Don’t put your belongings or family at risk. Call the electricians near you to analyze your electricity today!

Electrical Panel Repairs

The main panel in your home is where all the action happens. It is here where electricity from the power company is received and then distributed to the outlets and switches in your home. Many people consider the main panel to be the heart of the home. Unfortunately, when a connection to this “electrical heart” is damaged or missing, you’ll have a hard time operating certain things in your home.

How do electrical panels become damaged?

That’s a great question. Incorrect installation can cause problems as can the age of the wiring. Another reason electrical circuits trip is too much load. We demand a lot from our electricity and we don’t think twice about adding power strips to outlets. Unfortunately, this can create problems.

Luckily, there are ways to get the power you need without damaging your electrical panel and without giving up technology.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

One of the easiest ways to deliver more power to your home is to upgrade your panel. You can do this by adding more circuits to the existing panel or by installing a sub panel. Most homes operate on a 100-amp breaker or 200-amp breaker. This amount of power is sufficient for normal usage, but if you build an addition, add outside lighting, or install a hot tub you may need more power. Sub panels can be installed to help shoulder this load and give your main panel a break.

Is it expensive to upgrade?

Upgrading your electrical panel is cheaper than you may imagine. It’s certainly less expensive than repairing a home damaged by an electrical fire. The exact cost of upgrading depends on a number of different factors. The best way to find out what your cost would be is to give us a call and let us come out to your place to evaluate your current situation. We’ll give you a written estimate for all work to be done that include labor and parts.

Commercial Wiring Solutions

Our Cerritos electricians are not only qualified to work on residential properties, but they can provide you with quality commercial repairs as well. Commercial properties can have complicated power needs that require strategic planning and precise installation. Call us today for a quote for commercial wiring repair and replacement.

My Cerritos Electrician Hero is a licensed, professional service dedicated to helping you live safely and comfortably in your home. Call today to learn more about our quality, affordable electrical panel repair.