The Number One Home Rewiring Experts in Cerritos

When you call My Cerritos Electrician Hero and tell us about the house rewire job that you need, we respond fast. We know how important getting the old residential wiring removed from your home is. We know that living in an older home and with older wiring means that there are risks involved. Older wiring can pose an electrical shock or fire hazard and we treat that very seriously. So, we do things like show up on time, give you a free estimate, and get the job done right with a 100% guarantee.

Why is there a risk?

There is a risk because the older kinds of residential wiring can be dangerous. Older wiring can include knob and tube wiring, cloth-wrapped Romex wiring and aluminum wiring. One of the first signs is if your Cerritos home has two-holed electrical sockets instead of the modern three-hole variety. Two-holed sockets are not grounded and that can create an electrical shock hazard.

What do we do?

You need to call us! Instead of getting three-plug adapters for your equipment, get that old wiring replaced. That older wiring was not meant to handle modern day equipment. Putting that kind of demand on old wiring can cause a fire behind the walls. So, call us and we’ll get an estimate done and start to work.

What does the work involve?

We show up right away with the right equipment and with electricians who have more than 30 years of experience. They work one room at a time and by drilling small holes in the walls so that we don’t have to shut off the power to the home and we don’t have to tear down any walls.

How much and how long?

That all depends on the amount of old residential wiring inside your Cerritos home. We usually take a few days or a few weeks to get an entire house rewire job done. That’s why the estimate is important.

Call today!

If you call today, we will get someone out to your  home very fast. We’ll get the estimate done right and get the job done fast, too. Call today to learn more about home wiring in Cerritos, CA!